If you have clarified all noted issues under SELECTION, please send us the result. The preferred way would be to use an E-Mail. We will create an individual offer for you with a dedicated price.

Software independence

The software which will used for your website is an own development including integration of free available state of the art technology. By this software it is guaranteed that your website works independent of any webspace provider. It means, if you plan once in the future to change you webspace provider, could could take your website with you to the next provider. That is not a common understanding! That is working because we have taken into account not to have any dependency which is bound to a provider - e.g. special functionality, which have only a certain provider. We want that you will be independent. Even independent from us! The website creation for you is an only thing, there will be no additional costs behind it.

Mobile Website

We are following strictly the "responsive design" paradigm. Because of this, you website works automatically also on samrtphones or tablet PC's. It means depending from the available space on devices display, the presented content is placed in an optimal way.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Our software works by default optimally for search engines. It means we are taking into account that you website will be error free, due to not punished by search engines in ranking of you site. But also the very basic structure (strictly division of content and design) takes its part to present the content in a proper way for search engines.

If you have additional questions or you want to place an order now for you new website? Please send us an E-Mail.