Selection of functionality

If you have an interest to have an own website with the here shown functionality, please think about the following issues:

  • How much pages you need?
  • What has to be presented on the pages?
  • Should have the main menu a horizontal (recommended) or a vertical orientation?
  • Do you need for certain pages submenus (2nd level)?
  • How much languages should be supported? Please be aware that you will have later a higher effort to keep all pages updated. E.g. if you have 4 supported languages, you will have a 4 times higher effort for update, that only with one language.
  • Which kind of image presentation you would prefer (slideshows, thumb gallery, carousel viewer,...)?
  • Do you need one or more E-Mail forms?
    • Which information is needed in the form?
    • Which information must be required?
    • What should be the target E-Mail address?
  • What should be the name of your website (domain name)?
  • Do you want to have special search phrases for "Google"? Which?


The content itself (texts, images, videos) is determined by you of course. You could change itself later by using the included administration area of your website. But we will do the first "filling" of you website, to bring it online with a content which is worth to present.


The here shown design is of course only an example. You website could/should another view. We will create especially for you an individual design. The following issues could help us to find an optimal way for you:

  • Which colors do you like?
  • Do you have a company logo to integrate?
  • Do you have a corporate design, which should be adapted for the website?
  • Or do you have seen anywhere a website, which enjoyed you?
  • Do you have special images, which should be integrated into the website?

If you do not have any special idea, nevertheless we will find a design which would enjoy you.

If all of these issues are done, you could go to place the ORDER now.